Writer sites

kathytrueman.com and catherinedove.com ~ I'm a writer! I write fantasy under my own name and Regency romances under the name Catherine Dove. These two sites list my books, give excerpts from them, and link to where you can buy them if you wish.



Dreamwidth ~ my online journal, which should need no further explanation. If you're interested in my life, this is mostly where it touches online.

Facebook ~ I only recently returned to FB, which baffles me a bit, so my presence there is limited. I'm there, though.

Just for the record, these are my only social media sites. Which is to say, I don't do Twitter, Pinterest, or any of the others. Yet.


Animation and animated characters:

After a long and fruitful life, my largest site, Animated Lust, has now gone. It just got so large that it needed a dedicated server, which I could not manage.

Darkness Visible: A Vicious Shrine ~ One of the very few shrines to the main villain of Cowboy Bebop, it has information about the character, quotes, a gallery, and fanfic. It's embellished with quotes from Paradise Lost, if you're the literary type.

The Shan Yu Shameless Lust Page is now no longer with us. It's the site that started it all, my first site, dedicated to the villain from the movie Mulan. It was when I was creating this site that I decided to say, "Hey! It's OK ~ in fact, better than OK, it's cool ~ to lust after an animated character!" Hence, Animated Lust was born.



Prelude ~ This is a long fanfic about the origins of Spike and Vicious of Cowboy Bebop, beginning with their childhood and, I hope, explaining something of their characters and their intense hatred for each other after having once been friends. Unfinished so far.

Hikaru ~ A collection of my Rurouni Kenshin fanfics, mostly centering on Seijuro Hiko and my original character, Hikaru. The stories include a set of tales which are an origin fic for Hiko.

Exploring ~ A "gateway" to my posted fanfics, which includes samples of the longer works.

My spot at Fanfiction.net ~ all my fanfics (that I allow anyone else to see!) are posted here.