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What if...?

Those are a writer's favorite words. A lot of stories have been started with "What if...?" What if a bunch of young rabbits were forced to leave their warren and find another place to live? (Watership Down) What if the old house on the hill were sold to a vampire? ('Salem's Lot) What if a hideously deformed man loved music so much, he secretly lived under an opera house? (The Phantom of the Opera)

That's how this story started. My roomie remarked one day that Spike Spiegel and Vicious must be brothers, because they look alike and because, to quote her, "only brothers could hate each other that much." And there was the What-if. I thought, "What if they really were brothers?" The next thing I knew, this story, my take on the pre-Bebop years of Vicious and Spike, was writing itself.

  • Disclaimer: I don't own and have no rights to Cowboy Bebop, Vicious, Spike, or any other characters of the Bebop universe. However, all original characters in this story are my own creations, copyrighted by me, so please do not use them.
  • I don't think you need to have seen the series to read and understand this story, but you will enjoy it a lot more if you have, since much of it is foreshadowing what happens in the series.
  • A little about the author (as in, who would be crazy enough to do this?)

    This story is definitely a PG13 story, and contains violence, some (mild) sex, and a lot of bad language.

    Chapters ~
    These are the chapters so far. I plan to continue the story until the point in the series just before Vicious kills Mao Yenrai.

    Chapter 1: Vicious as a child in a church orphanage, where he makes an enemy.

    Chapter 2: Introducing Spike as a rambunctious kid, and his parents as well.

    Chapter 3: Vicious takes to the streets and finds a mentor.

    Chapter 4: Spike learns some important things about his mother.

    Chapter 5: Vicious' apprenticeship with Black Rafe.

    Chapter 6: Vicious breaks free in a violent way, and goes out on his own.

    Chapter 7: Vicious meets Spike for the first time.

    Chapter 8: Vicious introduces himself to his mother.

    Chapter 9: Spike in his idea of heaven, working at the space port. Enter Doohan and the Swordfish.

    Chapter 10: Vicious joins the Red Dragons and gets a new mentor, Kito. Enter Annie and, for a moment, Julia.

    Chapter 11: Barbara takes action, and shows what she can do.

    Chapter 12: Vicious is doing well in the Red Dragons, and gets a girlfriend.

    Chapter 13: Spike begins martial arts training, and Vicious discovers that he's gone.

    Chapter 14: Crys and Vicious find Spike again

    Chapter 15: Vicious is invited to a party - by Mao Yenrai

    Chapter 16: Spike has a life-altering experience

    Chapter 17: A few events in the lives of Spike and Vicious while they're apart.

    Chapter 18: A few more events, including pirates and a big black bird.

    Chapter 19: Vicious jumps up a few strides in the syndicate, and finds out where Spike is.

    Chapter 20: Vicious and Spike are reunited.

    Chapter 21: Spike leaves Earth, taking a gift from Doohan with him.

    Chapter 22: Spike meets Annie, and Julia makes a new friend.

    Chapter 23 : Spike gets his first mission for the syndicate, which naturally turns into a disaster.

    Chapter 24: Spike meets Mao, and Julia's life changes

    Chapter 25: Julia's life undergoes two more drastic changes, and Vicious gets a promotion.

    Chapter 26: Annie suffers a loss, and Vicious and Julia meet.


    The Evil Plot Bunnies attack when you get one of those overly creative ideas
    that won't leave you alone till you've drawn or written it out.
    This story was definitely the result of an Evil Plot Bunny. Or more than one.
    (Adoptable Evil Plot Bunny from Ink & Paint Plush)

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    Disclaimers, credits, and thank-yous ~

    I don't own Cowboy Bebop, the Bebop universe, or any of the characters from the anime. Those belong to Bandai, Sunrise, etc., and this fanfic is meant as a tribute to the genius of those who created it.

    I want to thank those fans who have stuck with the story despite the often very long gaps between the chapters. Fans like you are priceless, and I wish I could hug every one of you.

    A huge thank you to Tianning, without whose generosity I wouldn't have the Cowboy Bebop DVDs to refer to all the time. Also a big thank you to her for her ruthless editing skills, without which this would be a pretty pathetically-written story.

    A big thanks to Zora, who introduced me to anime and Cowboy Bebop in the first place, and who is always expanding my universe.

    And last, but definitely not least, a thank you to Sher, from whom I blatantly and shamelessly ripped off the idea for this site.

    Design notes: V. 1 ~ The basic set-up was inspired by Sher's site. The image is one I created for this story when I first started writing it. The font for the chapter headings is Parceltongue, and yes, I chose that deliberately.


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