My RK fanfics need a short explanation. Although I love, or at least like, every character from the show, the one who caught my writer's attention was Kenshin's master, Seijuro Hiko. Since I'm basically a romantic at heart, I created a lady for him, Hikaru. Self-inserted Mary Sue? You judge, but no one else who's ever read her stories has thought so.

If you want to know more about her, or read these stories (and some others) with a much prettier format, go to Hikaru's own site.


The Path to the Sword

An origin story for Seijuro Hiko, taking him from child to Master. Warning: I didn't think that a soft life would have forged the man, so these stories are a bit grim. (Hikaru naturally doesn't appear in them, and is only mentioned in the last one.)




The story of how a brash Hiten Mitsurugi apprentice met an older, more sophisticated geisha, how they began to fall in love, and how they were separated by his duty.



Sake, Tea, and Cherry Blossoms

A sequel to "Teahouse" which tells how Hiko and Hikaru are reunited, fall in love, and are separated.



The Lady and the Apprentice

These stories finally introduce Hikaru to the second-greatest love of her life (even if that love is strictly maternal) - Kenshin. They cover the time from when Kenshin first becomes Hiko's student until he breaks from Hiko and goes his own way.



The Years of Change

These are the stories that take place during the Revolution, and conclude with Hikaru and Hiko finally being able to be together.




The reunion here is between Kenshin and Hikaru, and takes place during the Kyoto arc. I fill in what I believe Hiko was going through when he passed the final technique to Kenshin. (Note: This was written with a friend of mine who created a young woman for Kenshin, and there are mixed reactions to that. I like Kaoru, but I also like Yuki!)